What is Fascard?

Loyalty Pays

For a 1 time cost of $1, you can start earning free money very fast and credited to your card!  Be sure to download the Fascard app to your phone and register it.  We currently have a weekly drawing that is called Fascard Friday, one lucky winner each week will receive $20 Bonus money on their account!  You have to be a loyalty member to do this.  Occasionally we announce flash deal coupons where you enter the code in for free perks.

Why carry quarters and cash?

There are multiple ways to add money to your account!  1.  via the app itself, 2. via the kiosk using cash, credit or debit. 3. using the swipe terminals on the washers and dryers.  You are able to start the machines using your phone in multiple methods.  With a registered account using the app, you will never need your card with you.  Your phone is your pass.  

Monitor your laundry anywhere

Using the app, you are able to see how much time is left on your numbered washer and dryer.  Feel free to step out and run a few short errands.  Our attendants are always on the floor.